Master Chen JiQiang:

  • 20th Generation Chen Family Lineage
  • Assistant Principal and Head Coach of Chenjiagou Martial Academy
  • Vice President & Secretary-General of the World Chen Xiaowang Taijiquan Association


Chen ZiQiang, born in 1977, is the eldest son of 19th generation Taijiquan lineage holder Chen XiaoXing, nephew of Standard Bearer Chen XiaoWang. From 3 years of age, Chen ZiQiang has been diligently studying TaiJiQuan with both his father Chen XiaoXing and uncle Chen XiaoWang. In addition, Chen ZiQiang combined his natural martial talents with self-motivated relentless physical training and theory studies. Not only is he good with a variety of martial equipment, he is world-renown for his powerful push hands, free sparring skills, ability to move with haste, issue force without warning, and his clean executions.

Since 1998, at 21 years of age, Chen ZiQiang has been teaching at the Chen Village Martial Academy (Chenjiagou Taijiquan Academy) as head coach for the competitive teams. In competitions, his teams have achieved overwhelming victories. His teams’ numerous successes have received the attention of martial enthusiasts at home and abroad through a number of radio stations, newspapers, and other media coverage. Praise and recognition of Chen ZiQiang’s forthright and sincere personal character, and of the school’s teaching methods have helped promote Chen Village Chenjiagou TaiJiQuan’s development and practical usage across the world.

Chen JiQiang has led the school to many titles:

  • 1996 – Participated in the first Henan Province Taijiquan, Taiji Sword, and Pushing Hands competition, and won the 56kg Pushing Hands Title & continued to hold the same titles from 1998 to 2002.
  • 1997 – Awarded the Warrior Title in the Henan Province WuShu Competition.
  • 1998 – Won the 56kg Title in the WenXian Province Chen TaiJiQuan Research Inaugural Tournament Promoter & at the Fifth International TaiJiQuan Annual Meeting becomes eligible for the Taiji fight Challenge Cup Alpha Group Champion and won LeiZhu call.
  • 1999 – Won the 56kg Title in Taiji WenXian Province TaiJiQuan Sword and Pushing Hands competitions and named High Spirit and Culture Athlete in Henan Province TaiJiQuan Championships.
  • 1999 – In HangZhou National WuShu Championships, won the contest’s only gold medal & won the Conference Athlete Sportsmanship Award; then, was admitted to the Xi’An Institute of Physical Education.
  • 2001 – In JiangXi Province, LuShan Cup Tournament won the 56kg Class Title & at the National WuShu Championships, won the Men’s 56kg Class Pushing Hands Title.
  • 2002 – Was named High Spirit and Culture Athlete in Henan Province TaiJiQuan Championships.
  • 2003 – After attending the central station “Into Science” “Across China” shoot “天涯共此时” “Sports World” “WuLin Symposium” and other columns, the interpretation of the origin of the history of Taijiquan.
  • 2004 – The group was invited to participate in martial arts style video program, led by the disciples while performing authentic Taijiquan.
  • In June 2005, the teams visited Hong Kong for the opening of the Chen Style TaiJiQuan Federation of Hong Kong. The Opening Ceremony included large-scale performances by teachers and students demonstrating “Taiji Soul.” Representatives repeated these performances in JiaoZuo City at the 9th National Culture Festival and were awarded first prize.
  • In 2006, Chen ZiQiang was invited to teach TaiJiQuan fighting techniques around the world. Cities included: San Francisco, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Hebei QuZhou County, TangShan City, ZheJiang, Henan XinXiang, and more. He set up school campuses for Chen Village Martial Academy and created clubs at each campus along the way.
  • In 2007, Chen ZiQiang continued his journey, visiting the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Korea and other countries. His travels inspired Taiji enthusiasts from around the world to teach Chen Style TaiJiQuan, helping the sport achieve international honor and acclaim.
  • 2008 – Chen ZiQiang published a series of instructional manuals with on Chen Style Taijiquan. The repertoire includes: foundational development, Old Frame first and second routines, New Frame first and second routines, 19 postures routine, 38 postures routine, Large Frame first and second routines, Small Frame first and second routines, 56 postures national competition routine, single and double broadswords, straight sword 36 49 and 54 postures routines, double straight swords routine, spear 24 postures routine, eyebrow staff routine, double maces routine, staff 13 postures routine, great pole training exercises, flail routine, partnered flail routine, pear flower spear and white ape staff routine, Taiji Ball exercises, push hands exercises, Taiji offensive tactics, Taiji self defense tactics for women, single and double fans routines.
  • 2009 named “Outstanding Heritage of Taijiquan” by County Municipal Cultural Preservation Center.
  • 2010 won the CCTV5 KangLin Tournament Championship.
  • 2011 June brought his team to compete at CCTV5 WuLin Symposium Season Two FengYun Championship. His team won the championship. In the same year, he and his team represented the Chinese Foreign Ministry to visit Italy, to celebrate the two nations’ 40 years of diplomatic relations.
  • 2012 organized the First Chenjiagou Taijiquan International Exchange Competition in Chen Village, Henan Province

Chen JiQiang Disciples: